Powerful word “scarcity”.  Pictures of  famine, parched land and desperate people jar my vision.  The lack of what is normal or expected defines scarcity for us.  In the short term, we can be accurate describing what constitutes ‘scarcity’.  The term is useful and clear.

In the long run, this word is destructive to our thinking and creativeness.  It suggests that our world is fixed with a predetermined amount of ‘stuff’ we need to live and prosper.  To have a scarcity mindset and to make decisions based on it, defeats the whole purpose of living!  We live in a state of constant creativeness and change.

No matter how small and insuficient our personal resources appear or how much we accumulate and prize, it is sufficient.  Sufficiency reigns!  Much of the correct and right thinking for a properous and happy life is counterintuitive.  If you want more, give more.  If you want someone to love you, love them first.  The world always gives back what you give it.  There is no ‘scarcity’.