Behavior has consequences.  Whatever you do speaks volumes about you.  That’s a given.  Question is, does it matter?  That depends…on what you want and who you want to be to others.

Do you create value for yourself and share it every day?  Focused behavior to achieve an honorable and desired outcome energizes people.  It creates bridges of understanding and communication between people.  Fuzzy thinking and off-centered behavior drive others around us crazy.  We are uncertain of your intent and unsettled in our relationship with you.

This lack of focus is destructive to relationship living.  You’re blocked from knowing and getting what you want and the people around you are puzzled as to what to make of the relationship.  Personal growth and being fully alive are states of mind denied you.  Without conscious access to these very important concepts, your mental and emotional health is at risk.

Focused questions produce positive results.  If you are having difficulty creating them, hire a coach.  Helping you see and hear are tools of the trade for professional coaches.  They can become your co-creative partner in finding that which matters…YOU!